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Early life

I’m from Andromba, a rice-producing village near Ambatondrazaka.

Apart from growing rice, my father is a teacher and makes mud bricks from clay in the summertime. My mother has a shop where she sells bread, snacks, pasta and yoghurt.

After middle school, I couldn't continue to high school because my parents had to pay for my younger brothers’ education. Instead, I did all kinds of jobs. Occasionally I would walk for several days to a remote village in the countryside to sell fresh vegetables, but mostly I worked for my parents - helping my mother sell from her shop and my father making bricks. I was also involved in the choir and as a young leader in my local church. However, I still dreamed of going to university, to make my parents proud of me and to get a good job later on.

Discovering Onja

When the offer came to study at Onja, I had an opportunity to keep studying, find work, and help pay for the education of my siblings. I learned English and Software development which has enabled me to work remotely and communicate well with international teams.

Now, my vision is to help other young people like me in the future. I am proud of myself because, with Onja, I can contribute to giving the same opportunity I had to other young people like me.

Exciting Future

I really enjoy being part of Onja. I never expected that all the students would become such good friends. I am also very grateful for the opportunity to go to school again and learn a good profession.


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Get Started

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  • Developer Experience: Minimum 1-2 years
  • Tech Stack: Front-End React Developers
  • Language Skills: Fully English speaking
  • Contract Length: Full time, +6 months preferred
  • Risk Free: 3 month trial, 7 day notice period
  • Intercultural Experience: Working across US and Europe
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