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IAOP Impact Sourcing Champions Index

Today Onja was recognised as a champion of impact sourcing on IAOP’s inaugural list of companies that have distinguished themselves as trailblazers in Impact Sourcing...

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Developer Stories - Meet Daniel

I was born in Fianarantsoa, a big town in the highlands. When I was eight, I moved with my 2 little sisters to Kelilalina, a...

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Developer Stories - Meet Clopedia

At first, it was really hard to study at Onja. None of us thought we would be able to do it in those years. We couldn’t really speak English in the beginning, and class was quiet because we didn’t want to make mistakes...

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Whitespectre and Sandy

When Onja’s developers graduate from our training program, our team works hard to find their first jobs...

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Ookla For Good

When it came to finding a location for Onja’s base, understanding how internet speed varied was a cornerstone of the decision-making process...

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Who Moves and Jacquit

Jacquit comes from Andilamena in Madagascar’s rural north. His parents worked in far away villages, so Jacquit had to take care of his brothers and sisters for most of his childhood...

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