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About Onja

Onja is a social enterprise training underprivileged youth into world-class software developers. 

We find the brightest students in Madagascar who can't afford to continue their education and train them in English language and software development. After just two-and-a-half years they are ready to work as remote front-end software developers in international tech teams.

Once in a job, our developers earn a good salary that helps them support their families and pay forward the opportunity to a new wave of students. They unlock exciting careers that fulfil their potential and accelerate the development of their nation (see "How Onja Works" below). 

Our first cohort, "Wave 1", consists of nineteen talented and committed graduates who are now working remotely four our partner companies in Europe and the US. With this immensely successful first cohort, and a proven social model, our goal is now to scale our impact: we aim to take on 360 new students over the next four years. 

Our fast-growing team is very united, committed to the mission, and hardworking, but we also maintain a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that you';; find everywhere in Madagascar. 

Onja is in Toamasina, a lively city with beautiful beaches, nice restaurants, and plenty to do and see. Toamasina is Madagascar's second-largest city (population 300,000) yet is surrounded by plenty of natural beauty and even has a national park nearby. 

About the role

In 2019, we developed and delivered a full-time course that allowed twenty students to progress from absolute beginners to upper intermediate speakers (B2 level) in just one year, with some students even reaching an advanced (C1) level. Our first cohort contained 19 developers and we plan to train hundreds of students in the coming years. Our challenge now is to scale our organisation, bringing opportunities to hundreds and moving to thousands of students. Your mission as our English Course Designer is to rebuild this course, from the ground up, into a highly scalable online-style programme. 

We believe in hiring based on skills, attitude, and cultural fit rather than specific qualifications. 

  • Capitalising the learnings from Onja's first batch in terms of English course design and delivery
  • Designing an online scalable English course with our Native English teacher
  • Developing curriculum and strategies to make sure Onja's recipient speaks English with the RP accent
  • Executing lessons efficiently using different styles of teaching depending on the content
  • Preparing, scheduling and correcting Onja English exams
  • Systematically maintaining and updating student records with English KPI
Candidates can anticipate that reference checks will be conducted as part of our thorough evaluation process.

How Onja works

Onja is a social enterprise with sustainable model: 
  • Search for brilliant minds who would otherwise be limited to low-paid, unfulfilling careers. 
  • Students receive two years of English and software development instruction. Meet a developer here: https://onja.org/blog 
  • Graduates earn (and continue learning) at our outsourcing enterprise. 
  • All profits are used to train the next wave of students and the cycle begins again. 
We want our recruitment process to be fair and inclusive, so please do let us know if there are any reasonable adjustments we can make. For example, if you are neurodivergent, we can accommodate and discuss modifications to our hiring process with you.

Our hiring process

Join our team in four simple steps


Introductory Call

We’ll invite you to a call to get to know you and give you the chance to ask any questions you might have about Onja.


Formal Interview

This is where we have questions for you. We try to determine whether you will be a nice fit for the position and our team. There may be one or two interviews.


Casual Chat

We offer optional conversations with staff members to get to know what it's like to join our team.


Formal Offer

We make a formal offer to successful applicants. 

Application Form

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Work Experience

Reference details. To apply for this role at Onja, please provide the names and contact details of two professional references, along with their organisations and positions. *

Please upload university transcripts

If you wish, you are very welcome to share any other information that could help us know you better. Sometimes people link videos, achievements, articles or blogs and these are much appreciated

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