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Powered by the brilliance of African youth, our scalable model up-skills the world’s forgotten talent for exciting careers.

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Once trained, students pay forward their opportunity to others thus impact will continue to grow long after donations stop.

Meet the Students

What they say

I always yearned to go to university but my family couldn’t afford to send me, so after I finished high school I helped my mother farming and selling goods in the market. Thanks to Onja I can study and accomplish what I’ve longed for.


Onja Student

If I wasn’t at Onja, I would work for my aunt and uncle, as they have money. I would take care of their children and couldn’t study anymore. But because I have Onja, I can learn many things.


Onja Student

If I wasn’t at Onja, I would have worked as a cook and wouldn’t be able to help my family but now I can plan my life and want to help others that really need it.


Onja Student

At Onja, I’ve already learnt so much and I especially want to thank the volunteers who teach us.


Onja Student

Teaching at ONJA was an amazing experience. Students are highly motivated and are even disappointed once class has finished. Imagine teaching those students in a beautiful country like Madagascar. Unforgettable and life changing.


Onja volunteer - English teacher

I visited Onja in May 2019 to write a feature length story on the project for publication in New Zealand where I live.
During the visit I also had the opportunity to help the students develop their public speaking skills as many of them were quite shy. I really enjoyed my time at Onja. The students were very engaging and the teaching team work hard to deliver a high quality learning experience. I hope to be able to make a return visit in the future.


Business Writer & Consultant

Working as a volunteer for Onja was the experience of a lifetime. Teaching such intelligent and highly motivated students was a pleasure and very rewarding. I felt very much at home at Onja, and it was an honor to be part of such a beautiful initiative, which I am sure will create life changing opportunities for new young Malagasy students in the years to come.