How it works

Our starting point is Madagascar, home to 101 species of lemur and millions of talent-rich, opportunity-poor students.

Ready to meet a student you can support?

Once trained, students pay forward their opportunity to others thus impact will continue to grow long after donations stop.

Meet the Students

What they say

I always yearned to go to university but my family couldn’t afford to send me, so after I finished high school I helped my mother farming and selling goods in the market. Thanks to Onja I can study and accomplish what I’ve longed for.


Onja Student

If I wasn’t at Onja, I would work for my aunt and uncle, as they have money. I would take care of their children and couldn’t study anymore. But because I have Onja, I can learn many things.


Onja Student

If I wasn’t at Onja, I would have worked as a cook and wouldn’t be able to help my family but now I can plan my life and want to help others that really need it.


Onja Student

At Onja, I’ve already learnt so much and I especially want to thank the volunteers who teach us.


Onja Student